Policy Pledges

Clacton Loony candidate Just John with Ivan the Great. A few pledges:

  • 30% pay cut for all MP’s to pay for around 600 more nurses.
  • Cuts to MP expenses on food, drink, travel and accommodation to pay for free school meals for all children, more council housing and cheaper travel.
  • A two for one immigration policy, where we allow one person into the UK for every two that leave the UK.
  • Everyone made to drive green cars, not red, blue or black, just green to make our roads more green.
  • Bring back UK fishing, to support our local chip shops.
  • Solar powered LED street lights with motion sensors instead of lights out at 1am. No one left in the dark on this one.
  • Google maps to team up with Ant & Dec, for a big brother neighbourhood watch scheme to beat street crime.
  • Recycle ideas from the past like milk in glass bottles delivered and collected by electric milk floats from British dairies. Fruit & veg sold by green grocers in paper bags or cardboard crates from British farms. Fish mongers selling fresh British fish out of British Waters.
  • Switch the six week summer school holiday with the two week Christmas holiday, to reduce school heating costs.
  • Emmissions tax set by altitude, so the high fliers like private jets, pay the high rates.

Use your vote 12Dec, vote an official loony not the fake loony’s.

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